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We are a registered Physiotherapy practice an d we specialize in exercise and manual therapy,

Corporate Wellness

We provide Comprehensive corporate wellness program to companies in Zimbabwe

Addiction recovery

We conduct smoking and alcohol recovery programmes in healthy way

Corporate Wellness Programme

Sourthen health and vitality Physiotherapy is offering a comprehensive corporate wellness program to companies in Zimbabwe and mostly in Bulawayo. This initiative has been motivated by the number of employees who presents to our clinics with similar problems that can be prevented by proper working posture and designs.

Our Team


Senior Physiotherapist

T. Majore

Principal Physiotherapist

A . Mamuka

Clinic Adminstrator



About Us

Southern health and Vitality Physiotherapy is a clinic that specializes in lifestyle transformation. The clinic provides treatment for a range of conditions from pain ,fractures and arthritis to lifestyle diseases that limit movement and optimal body function




Suite 33 Medical Centre JTongogara/8th Street Bulawayo

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Monday to Friday 0800 - 1700